The first person to arrive on Earth
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The first person to arrive on Earth

Several authors have written different books to give their idea of the first person on Earth after undergoing various researches. Their books have failed to exactly point out the name of the first person on Earth or how he looked. Due to these series of failures in identifying a particular being as the first person on Earth, most humans take the biblical account of creation to get answers to their questions. According to the Bible, the earth was created out of nothing before God spoke some things into existence. Following accounts given by the Bible, trees, light, animals, clouds, and oceans were spoken into existence before God then decided to create a person who would look after these things.

From mould, he created the first

From mould, he created the first person to set foot on Earth who was named Adam, and it wasn’t long before another person was created to help him run things. The Bible says that the couple lived in a garden called Eden, where God provided them with everything required to survive. They only had to avoid one fruit present in that garden, but according to the holy book, they couldn’t obey that simple instruction which made God evict them from Eden and cursed Earth due to their sin.

Until another substantial evidence comes up, this remains the story that has an answer for the question. Scientists have come up with different theories, but they’ve been unable to identify who the first person was, and it’ll continue to counter their theories.

The first person to arrive on Earth

Some theories like “The big bang” has no explanation to state who the first person to exist was, meaning that the Bible’s account stands as a good answer. Earth has existed with humans for countless years, so it’s almost impossible for scientists to point at one name as an answer. They’ve used carbon dating to get answers for certain queries, but this particular one still eludes them. Apart from researches that have already been concluded, more scientists are putting in lengthy hours to see if they’ll get to know who the first person was. These additional researches from scientists are done because people who trust science don’t think that God can just create a person, and thrust him on Earth. Scientists say that everything has a source, so they’d rather spend hours to find a different answer than to accept things written in a book.

For most Christians, the Bible’s account on creation is ultimate, and there’s nothing that can make them change their stance. They get more convinced on that because people who trust in science have found it impossible to bring good explanations to them. Adam and Eve started procreating after leaving God’s garden, so that’s how every other person came about. The Bible is a holy book, so it’s accepted that things written there are true, and can be trusted. Although there are no strong evidences to back the Adam story up, it still stands because it gives us a name of the first person on Earth unlike several theories that have failed to call any name.

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